Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aromaleigh haul + swatches pt.2

Today is rather bittersweet for me… my final Aromaleigh order came in. I ordered 11 shadows (mostly mattes) from their various collections, and once again, I am kicking myself for not getting multiples of certain colors. The color intensity of every color is pretty damn good, I applied each shadow in the swatch photo WITHOUT a base, and they apply easily and blend well (even the mattes). A few of the shades show up chalky in the photo due to my cleaning the brush in between swatches, but it is not the case when you are working with them. I wouldn’t say they are creamy, but they do apply fairly smooth. I got them during their going out of business sale at about $2.50 a pop (full size), which was pretty amazing. I’m actually wishing that somehow Aromaleigh pulls a “phoenix” and comes back from the ashes (so to speak) because they had some truly amazing and unique shades that I have yet to see anywhere else… they were really killing the mineral eyeshadow game!!!

 I.   II.  

III.  IV. 

As for my favorites so far, I would have to say STARFISH, WISTERIA, UMBER, and ROOM SERVICE are really doing it for me. I wish I’d have grabbed another jar of STARFISH, UMBER and WISTERIA (and a few more colors I passed on) because I have a feeling they will be getting used A LOT, as STARFISH is such a great neutral eye color for anyone and UMBER is just that great deep, flat brown that everyone needs in their collection.

 Swatches in order of appearance on pictures:


I. Moss(m), Lagoon (m), Luella

II. Starfish (m), Mela, Room Service

III. Wisteria(m), Umber, Violette(m)

IV. Marsh(m), Severina(l)

Were you able to grab any Aromaleigh before their final curtain call? I’d love to see some of the colors you managed to pick up and hear what you think.


And here’s a belated Happy New Year for you!!!


P.S- Any resolutions for 2011?

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  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! Love the stacks and the swatches. :)