Wednesday, February 23, 2011

STILA E! Red Carpet Looks palette

I picked this baby up awhile back & am just getting around to posting. There are actually 3 palettes, all of which are gorgeous, but I chose the GLAMOUR GODDESS because it seemed the most useful for me since I like neutral looks for everyday wear, and it came with a liner. Each palette contains 6 shadows, a kitten highlighter & a convertible color + a bonus (either a liner, shadow or gloss depending on the palette choice) for $25. 

I've never picked up a Stila shadow before, and I should have, because they are GREAT! This brand has been surprising me a lot lately, so you'd think I would just stop BSing and get on board already, right? The shadows in this palette are so pigmented, soft and blendable... and they've arranged them in 2 color coordinated looks for you to pull off.

On the inside left of the palette, there is a mirror and instructions on how to create the featured palette look, which I thought was not only cool... but helpful for makeup newbies like myself. The palette itself is fairly thin, and about as tall as your standard memo/address book with a small magnet closure so it's handbag friendly. The look pictured below was done using the 1st two shadows (glitz & on the list) for the signature look and the crease shade (star) for the 2nd look, as I found it created a more natural and subtle look than the dolled up Glamour Goddess. And let me say, I am in LOVE with the waterproof smudgestick in LIONFISH (a deep bronze liner)... I'll have to grab a few more colors to add to my arsenal ;-)

I'd say it's a tremendous value for what you get, and easy/practical to use... so well worth your money to purchase. I'll be going back to Ulta to grab the other two palettes soon, as well as hitting up my local Nordstroms Rack to get a few Stila shadows.

Has anyone tried these E! Red Carpet Palettes? What do you think about them?


  1. Oh my gosh.. Your eyes are TDF!! I've always wanted color contacts that exact color..