Thursday, August 4, 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics Haul/ Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a few products from E.L.F, and overall, I am greatly pleased with the quality of products that they churn out so cheaply! After watching numerous youtube videos over the last few months, there were a few standout products that I jumped at the chance to try, so let’s just  get right into the review.

(Photo courtesy of eyeslipsface)

It’s no secret that I am on the search for the PERFECT foundation. I’m almost embarrassed to admit to how many products I’ve purchased, used for maybe a month or so, then given  (or sometimes tossed) away due to ill matches or unfavorable performance. That being said (and for $6 a pop), you KNOW I had to give their Flawless Finish Foundation a chance. Now I will say that when this item arrived, I was a little put off by the fact it had leaked in transit, and had this been a more pricier foundation I’d have returned it immediately, but I sucked it up and grabbed my foundation brush, ready to get to swatching!

(Poor leaky foundation)

I’ve heard so many people complain about the size of the foundation (.80 oz), but honestly, for the price it’s great. And truly, as someone who has had to dump many foundations after they’ve thickened and oxidized too dark after a few months, I find this smaller bottle more appealing and convenient…. Not to mention it cuts down on product waste considerably.  After a little deliberation, I opted for the shade Almond, and while it is not the perfect match for me, it is a great foundation. The coverage you get with this stuff us UNBELIEVABLE! Honestly, I have a few brown marks on my cheeks from popping the occasional pimple, and I didn’t even need to use any concealer (THAT’S how amazing this foundation was for me)!!! I just wish the color selection was a bit broader and more specifically, I wish this foundation was a bit more yellow, then I’d surely move it into the daily rotation.

(Photo courtesy of eyeslipsface)

I also picked up a few lip products from the Mineral line that E.L.F has, and I was least impressed with the Mineral Lipstick. I grabbed the shade Rosy Tan, and man… that bad boy is pretty darn sheer! It took some serious building to get the payoff I THOUGHT it would deliver out the tube. It wasn’t sticky, it wasn’t overly waxy, but unless they found a way to make it more opaque I won’t be picking up any more of these. **SIDE NOTE: I hopped on the 60% sale E.L.F had a few weeks ago and got 4 more of the mineral lippies a few days before this arrived. The pigmentation was a bit better, but my earlier verdict still stands…. NOT FOR ME.

(Photo courtesy of eyeslipsface)

But the mineral line has been redeemed!!! I am in absolute LOVE with the Mineral Lipgloss! I needed a clear gloss, so I figured, WHY NOT! First, it’s so NOT sticky, it’s NOT thick…  it is a gloss lovers dream product! It glides on so smoothly, and I don’t even feel it on my lips when I’m wearing it. I’ll be grabbing a few more backups, as well as trying a few more colors from this line. If I can only recommend one product as a MUST HAVE… this is it!!!!!

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Now, on to the eyes! I got the Professional Studio Pro Endless Eyes Palette after hearing so many great things about it. Even my sister raved about it after she got one for Christmas, but sadly, I wasn’t too blown away.  Let me start off by saying I wanted to LOVE this! It has such a beautiful mix of colors all in one (large) 100-shadow palette, but it was really too hit or miss for me. I found quite a few of the shades to be very sheer, and it was hard to pick up any product from some as well as they were very hard pressed. But people RAVE about this; who knows, maybe I got a dud! Also, one color was damaged upon receipt (see photos) 

but I held on to this palette for review after deciding it wasn’t worth sending back over one crumbled shade I wouldn’t have used much in the first place. I think that if you’re on a budget, or prefer your shadows more watercolor-esque, this palette is going to tickle your fancy. But as with ALL of the products from E.L.F it’s worth picking up just for the price alone ($10).

(Photo courtesy of eyeslipsface)

But it wasn’t all bad in the shadow department, as I fell into an easy and effortless routine with the Professional Studio Matte Eyeshadow in Chestnut. I got it thinking it would be a great blending shade, and it really is. I think that anyone NC44/45 and beyond should really pick this up and add to their beauty arsenal. I mean, $3 for .05oz of product and a little brush (even if I don't use it) is worth it. And the pigmentation of this shadow is great too. It’s true to color, and would even make a good crease color for fair skinned women looking to rock a more natural look for work. If you’re listening E.L.F…. YOU NEED MORE MATTE SHADOW COLORS! This is one of the BEST items I’ve tried from this company, and I really would love to see the range grow. Mint and  Baked Berry… I’m coming for you next!

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The last item I picked up was one of the Essential Beauty Book Eye Edition sets in Neutral ($5). These 12 coordinating shades were surprisingly pigmented and blended very nicely to achieve a variety of work suitable looks. I LOVE the little liner and mirror that accompanies this. The size of the palette initially threw me for a loop since I figured it would be smaller than what it really is, and the cardboard housing made for a lightweight, yet sturdy product. It would be great to travel with, just be sure to keep it in your carry-on to avoid any smashing or potential breaking disasters. ***SIDE NOTE: This item is no longer listed on their site.

To make a long story short, E.L.F really has this bargain cosmetic game on lockdown! They are currently offering Celebration specials (for their 7th Birthday extraveganza) as well as FREE SHIPPING deals until August 1st, so if you’ve been curious about any of their products, or even if you’re already a tried and true fan then NOW is the time to pickup a few beauty essential from their website! ‘Cause with products starting at $1…. Twenty bucks will go a long way with E.L.F.


  1. Aaah, elf. I've a few products myself on elf. I've had the matte eyeshadows for a year or so, and they're simply heavenly. I've been eyeing their mineral line for a while, and I might give their gloss a try.

    Same goes for the beauty book. Wherever I go, it's just sitting there. It's not too steep of an investment, so I might give it a go.

    Thanks for the haul review!