Monday, January 14, 2013

MAC Party Parrot- and it's accidental DUPE!!!

Let me start this off by saying... I FINALLY GOT MY PAWS ON PARTY PARROT!!!! (ya'll should see me doing my happy dance lol) I've been wanting this lipstick since it came out with the Iris Apfel collection early last year, so when it came out again with the Strength collection I was all set and ready to get my hands on it... but NO... a bunch of greedy heffas beat me to it LOL I almost cried when  it was sold out AGAIN before I could grab one, so after calling several stores and coming up short, I went the ebay route. And to be honest, I actually lucked up and got mine for just a few dollars more than I would have paid in the store (yay eBAY).

MAC Party Parrot

With Flash

 Without Flash

Anyways, upon opening it, my heart kind of dropped a little. I didn't really have anything similar to Party Parrot in my collection, so when it sold out again I happened to stumble upon Rimmel's KATE lippies in shade 06. I thought it looked kind of simliar to Party Parrot, but that "what if" was still in the back of my mind, which is why I tracked that bad boy down and paid above retail for it. But enough of my rambling. While not spot on, the Rimmel lipstick is pretty darn close to Party Parrot, just slightly deeper with a satin-ish finish. So in actuality, if you own shade 06, you can blot the shine away with a kleenex and pretty much pass on Party Parrot and save some $$$$.

Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.

 Comparison Swatches

L-R: Covergirl Fiarytale, MAC Party Parrot, Rimmel Kate 06

Covergirl Fiarytale, MAC Party Parrot, Rimmel Kate 06 (natural light-overcast)

Covergirl Fiarytale, MAC Party Parrot, Rimmel Kate 06 (inside with flash)

After seeing the swatches, what do you all think? Is the Rimmel lipstick a pretty decent dupe for Party Parrot?

Anyone else grab something from the Strength collection?

-Miss Brina


  1. I definitely think it's close enough to pass on paying the extra $ for Party Parrot on ebay if you're unable to get it from MAC. P.S. I just stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying it so far :)

  2. I looked at the Kate 06 the other day and thought it was so bright and unique for a drugstore shade. I think it can be made more matte if it's blotted down and reapplied.

  3. I was wanting party parrot so bad and almost bid on one today for forty bucks but just like you happen to run into drug store today and spotted( even before I saw your site) Rimmel Kate six and grabbed it right away. I was so happy because I have spent a fortune on mac lipsticks the past few months. So glad someone else saw similarly too. I guess it was mean to be.. Lol

  4. Oh man... yeah... definitely avoid paying all that money for PP by going with the Kate 06. You can hardly, if at al,l tell the difference when it's on the lips... especially after you blot it down like a previous commenter suggested. Glad to be of some help ;)