Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aromaleigh haul + swatches pt.1

OH DANG!!! My Aromaleigh vault order came in the mail today & I just about lost my damn mind when I got my hands on these beautiful pigments that I ordered LOL As most of you know by now, Aromaleigh has closed down shop, but before they did.... one helluva sale ensued!!! Now, I'd purchased samples from the company before, and LOVED them, but I'm more of a collector than a user... I'm trying to be better about it. So in all honesty, I've never bought a full sized pigment from ANY company regardless of how much I liked them because I didn't really know what to do with them, but they were selling their full sized pigments for $3.50 and $2.75 A PIECE!!!! WTF! I'd have to be a dummy to not get in there and do a little bit of damage.

Now, this is titled pt.1 for a reason, as I have another order with the company coming within the next few weeks containing pigments from their reg. line/collections... swatches and reviews to come ASAP. In this shipment, I got 8 pigments from the WONDERSTRUCK, SPELLS, & MYTHOS collections... and after receiving my order, I'm pretty pissed that I didn't order more and duplicates.

The colors I picked up were (in order of appearance on the pics):
1st pic:Pass the Tarts, Mimsy, Curious and Curiouser, ...but this is my dream, Curious Dream (all from the WONDERSTRUCK collection)

2nd pic: Selene (from the MYTHOS collection), Orchidious, Rictusempra (both from the SPELLS collection)

I absolutely fell in LOVE, LOVE I tell you, with Selene from the MYTHOS collection. I even rushed and did a quick EOTD using it on the lid & my Sleek Bohemian palette because I was so smitten. And BE KIND, I literally started practicing my eyeshadow/pigment application a few months ago... like I said, I was always more of a buyer/collector than a "user". 

Did any of you get a chance to grab up any Aromaleigh during their farewell sale?