Wednesday, March 30, 2011



After playing with my products, I finally got around to swatching my Inglot haul this afternoon. And let me say, that I do not believe that there is a single gel liner on the face of this earth that can hold a candle to those produced by INGLOT! Not only do these things swatch creamy and true to color, but they have a RIDICULOUS staying power!!! I literally had to scrub my arm after I did these swatches with a textured eye pad full of waterproof makeup remover... and still had traces of #87.

INGLOT GEL LINERS: 73, 81, 87, 90 w/flash
INGLOT GEL LINERS: 73, 81, 87, 90 w/o flash

I did not experience ANY irritation or flaking from these, even after applying on my waterline. I did however get some on my contact lens before it set on my waterline... which resulted in me having to change the lens in order to see, but no biggie.

As for the foundation, I was only able to try to AMC Cream foundation since the Mousse and powder were way too dark upon sight. I picked up MW200 and DW100, but right off the bat I could tell DW100 was NOT GOING TO WORK (Might work more for a NC50). It feels so light when you apply it, and the staying power is so so in my opinion, but it blends flawlessly. MW200 is a bit dark for my face, but it blends so seamlessly and evens my skin out so that there is not such a huge color difference between face, neck and body. I really fell in love with this foundation.


I have seen reviews on this product, stating it was full coverage, and I can't see how. It applied more light to medium for me, but is surely buildable. When I paired it with the concealers it gave a flawless finish. But the cream face concealer dries fast, so you have to blend it pretty quick or risk looking spotty. As for the undereye concealer, I feel the consistency is too watery for my liking, and it creased like CRAZY! I preferred to use the regular cream concealer under the eye, as it offered a bit more coverage AND actually made it look brighter!

The last item I was able to try out was the Inglot Slim Gel lipstick in shade #42 (far right in above photo).  I LOVE the consitency and texture of this lipstick. It reminds me of MAC's Slimshine lipsticks, only better. And I say this because it is a bit drier than the MAC lipstick, which offers a better staying power, yet still giving that creamy/moist look. And although I said it's drier than MAC's slimshine, PLEASE do not believe this to be a dry lipstick, because it is not. It simply is not as creamy/slimy as the slimshine applied, and isn't so soft you feel it might break when you apply it.  I will definitely be picking up more shades in this product.

Hope you enjoyed my 1st Inglot haul... I feel another one coming on soon!

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  1. The gel liners are in such gorgeous colours. Love them! XX

    Hope you can follow me back too:

  2. You're making me want to buy these gel liners!! xx

  3. I kid you not when I say that these are the ONLY gel liners I own now. I gave away my MAC, BOBBI BROWN and STILA eyeliner pots when I got these. They don't go ANYWHERE until you remove them & are pigmented beyond belief

  4. omg awesome colors i wish th no 81 was a lipstick lol! and foundation looks lovely too :)
    im your new follower love your blog looking forward to be followed back by you :)

  5. Wow those are amazing! Great review! I gave you an award on my blog! You should check it out!

  6. Thank you Meme! I really appreciate the recognition.

    @Peach Crush- I think the slim gel l/s in #42 is pretty close to the color of #81, they look real similar in the last picture.

  7. I have some items from Inglot but these swatches make me wanna get some of their gel liners. Hot! Xo