Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rock & Republic Shadow & Powder Swatches


I  ordered a few shadows during the last Rock & Republic cosmetic sale, and while I love hautelook, it takes a good week & a half to get the items you order... and I am not a very patient woman either. Anyway, these were my 1st R&R shadows, and I am VERY impressed with the quality and staying power of these bad boys. They are so silky when applied and are pretty true to color, although Tribal had me fooled. I bought it expecting it to be a deep, matte, mud brown, and when I saw it... I thought NO! Not chocolate!!! I was all set and ready to pout until I swatched it and thought, now THIS is what I'm talking about... deep, matte perfection (far right).


I also picked up another pressed powder (Angora), bringing my grand total to 3, and I am still loving them. I'd say Angora is a bit dark, probably comparable to MAC's MSF Natural Dark. And these powders are also finely milled and just melt right into your skin, perfect for setting your foundation.

I've heard so many positive reviews about this brand, and I can't wait to pick up a few blushes (now that I've narrowed done my shades). Also, the packaing is SO DAMN CUTE!!! All the items come in very ornate, mirrored compacts that have just enough weight to make you feel very old hollywood glamorous when applying it. And if that wasn't already enough, each compact is then sealed in a it's own "hatbox" with the item name on stickers, which seal it shut. Rock & Republic really put some thought into their presentation and product... I LOVE it!!! Anyways, enough blabbing, picture time! Enjoy!

Shadows w/o flash

Love Rocks

Emerge, Fade (you can really see the lilac here), Love Rocks, Tempting, Tribal

Exhibitionist Pressed Powder in Angora
Powder Swatches: Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

All and all, very happy with my purchases and will be going back for more. Do you own any Rock & Republic cosmetics? I'd love to hear what you have and what you think of them.


  1. I just placed an order on Hautelook for "Cashmere" the other day & have been in a panic ever since! I feel better now that I've seen your swatches of Angora, Cashmere & Chenille side-by-side. I'm still kicking myself for not getting any eyeshadows :-( but I did manage to snag their Hot Sauce & Cougar, I just want my package to hurry up & arrive! Lol

  2. I went back and forth between cashmere and chenille, picking up cashmere first and looking at it believing it was too light, so I bought chenille, which also looked light. But when I swatch them, I found they warm and deepen a bit after they melt into the skin. So be prepared to look at it and panic, but it'll adjust to suit you better than the other shades. I don't even use chenille (too red/orange)... I'm about to donate it and some other items to an adult day program for the women to have.