Saturday, March 31, 2012

A decision must be made....

Aldo Luongo- "Monday Morning" c/o Gallery 280

We've all been there before, running late for something... work, school, a date or some other equally important event in our lives. In the midst of all the chaos involved with getting ready, you're re-vamping your prep plan from the night before... because let's face it, something isn't going to get done. 

For me, I wouldn't care if the sky was falling and bombs were going off outside... I WILL NOT leave my home without my eyebrows being filled in!!!! NO foundation? Oh well. No lipstick? Dang... but alright. Bare Eyebrows? Oh hell naw... we have time! I have my grandmother's eyebrows, they kind of do this dip down thing after the arch and become thin, so they're hard to work with and get even. Sounds crazy, but it's my main beauty concern. I will walk out without a scrap of makeup or color on my face, as long as my eyebrows are done, because sparse brows worry me to my soul. That being said, I'd be late to my own funeral to make sure my brows were done right LOL

What I want to know is, when time is short and you should've been out the door and running like yesterday, what is the ONE ABSOLUTE THING you will NEVER leave the house without primping regardless of what time it is?

-Miss Brina

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