Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ebay Haul!

Hey you guys! I'll start off by saying that I am an ebay junkie; whoever invented it is my HERO! I absolutely LOVE it... I probably average about 2-3 purchases a week. That being said, I pretty much stick to items within the USA, but I'd been looking at this particular ring for (no lie)  about 9 months! 

It has been sitting in my items watched page for 9 months, going on and off sale... but I was just kind of wary about the purchase. Would it be as pretty when it gets here? How long is is really going to take to arrive? Are they just gonna take my money and send me a pen? LOL I mean all sorts of worse case scenarios were fighting for dominance in my head. But while dropping in on the amazing WitchHazel's blog, my jaw dropped, because lo and behold.... SHE BOUGHT THE RING! And anyone who has been to her blog can verify, she is the QUEEN of cutesy ebay purchases. So naturally, I decided stop being so damn scary and make the purchase, and 10 days later... it's here! The transaction was so smooth, the price and presentation was absolutely GREAT and tracking was provided by the shipper, which really put my mind at ease. And I am floored by how beautiful it is.... so THANK YOU WitchHazel for forcing my hand... you've opened a whole new beast up now LMAO

Arianna RoseGold and Citrine Fashion Ring

So what do you guys think of my long awaited purchase? Has anyone bought anything from overseas on Ebay?

-Miss Brina


  1. I ♥ ebay!! I have been buying on ebay since I was like 12. I have bought overseas without any issues. Love the ring. Very pretty.

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  2. That ring is beautiful!
    What a great purchase.

    Ah, I usually do buy things overseas if I buy anything from eBay. Usually it's make up or wigs for my photo shoots or other costume-y excursions.

  3. Yay, isn't it pretty?! I was worried about making over-seas purchases at first, too, but of all the stuff I've bought I've had MAYBE two bad experiences (over years and years)! This is one of my favorite rings to wear.. glad you love it too! ;D