Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NYX: The Crimson Amulet Collection

While in Ulta the other day, I saw this palette and thought it was too nice to pass up.  I didn't swatch any shadows in store, and I had absolutely NO clue what Dark Shadows was at the time, but it had a nice assortment of shadows... and I am a sucker for full face palettes so in my basket it went! It retails for about $24, which isn't bad considering you get 24 shadows, 5 Blushers, an Illuminator, 4 lip glosses, a HD shadow primer and a liquid liner all in an artfully designed palette. 


The blushes all have very nice pigmentation, but I was kind of disappointed when it came to the shadows. I only swatched the darker half of the shadows to give you guys a basic idea of what I'm talking about. The deeper hues have decent pigmentation, while most of the lighter colors take an absurd amount of building on darker skin to show up as more than a simple wash of color/glitter. I might try to use them with a pure white base or the primer included instead of a fleshtone base to see if that will help any. 

NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection:  based on the movie Dark Shadows

 (Back of the Outter Box)

 (Back of Acutal Palette)

 (Shadow Half of Palette)

 (1st Part of Palette: Shadows and a Mirror)

 (2nd Half of Palette)

 (Swatches of Dark Shadows- This was after some building of the lighter shades)

 (2nd half of palette: Blushes, Primer, Liner, Illuminator, Glosses)

Overall, with a great base for the shadows and for only $24, it's certainly worth a try. I personally am in love with the artwork and details of the palette... I'm such a Helena Bonham Carter/ Tim Burton fan! When I opened my palette I had to google "Dark Shadows" to see what in the world this movie was about... and now May can't come fast enough (I'm sooooo in the theaters for this one)!!!

Random thought: How did we survive in this world before Google? LOL

If you all want a full palette swatch let me know! So now that you've read my initial review, what are you thoughts: grab or pass?

-Miss Brina


  1. Im glad that i found your review! Hmm...I saw this palette yesterday and am trying to decide if I should go back and grab it. It is a good deal considering how much product is inside.

  2. I bought this yesterday. i'm wearing it today. I used the primer and it's nice, kind of sheer, reminds me a little of LORAC eye primer.
    I used a few of the lighter shades and I patted them on as opposed to brushing them. I didn't have a problem with pigment but I agree the darker colors do have more. I've been wearing them for about 6 hrs now and they are only slightly faded. And I mean SLIGHTLY - they still look good unless I scrutinize. LOL The liner is matte black and stays put.
    I want to play with this more but at this price point I think it's a really great buy. And you can use the $3.50 off coupon in Ulta. woo hoo! :-)

  3. Nice palette. That's a great deal for $24. Has a lot of shadows I really like. Enjoy.


  4. I'm a big fan of the original Dark Shadows series and can't wait to see the movie. I'm still on the fence about this palette though - the packaging is really what's sucking me in, but I'm asking myself if I REALLY need this lol.