Monday, September 27, 2010

Stila & Urban Decay Mascara Review

I've got a favorite mascara... it's magical. Not only does it make my lashes longer, fuller, darker and curlier... it also makes me an all around happier person when I'm wearing it LOL Am I reviewing that mascara? Sadly, no... but I did get the chance to test out two new mascaras, as it never hurts to have a backup (or even find a new #1)

The 1st mascara I tried was Urban Decays Skyscraper . Let me just say that the packaging was absolutely ADORABLE!!! Honestly, that's why I wanted it. The brush is nothing new or original, but helps to comb out and separate your lashes abit. As for the formula itself, I didn't notice any clumping or flaking, and it was very light on my lashes and left them flexible (although lashes started "grouping" together after additional coats). 

Two coats of UD Skyscraper

I also tried Stila's Lash Visor (which is a steal at $12.50). The brush, while large, is nothing to write home about... but this mascara is pretty great. It gave me soft, nicely separated lashes, added a bit of length while holding my natural curl, but was lacking in the pigment department. If you're looking for a nice and defined natural looking lash, Lash Visor is definitely for you. Out of the 2 mascaras, this one comes out ahead in my book. 

One coat of Stila Lash Visor

Both mascaras are nice in their own right, but I won't be ditching my all time favorite Kevyn Aucoin mascara just get. Hope this was helpful!


  1. I haven't tried either! Thanks for the reveiw.

    love your eyes!!

  2. Aww, Thank you Natalie! In all honesty, neither are all that spectacular. I'm still using my kevyn aucoin and MAC's opulash (which is a great buy).