Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Backyardigans!!! I need your help...

I LOVE the backyardigans. I love the storylines, the music... but more than anything, I love to watch my daughter watch the show. Her head whips around, and her face lights up as soon as she hears that theme song LOL 

It's hard to believe she'll be one next month, time just flew by!

My reason for this post is to ask you all to be on the lookout for a BACKYARDIGANS MUSICAL RIDE ON toy. I've searched online and in stores here in Cali for months and have not been able to find a thing. I'm DYING to get her a ride on now that she's on the go more, and I would prefer it to be from her favorite show. I've only found one, which was being sold in Canada on openlist, but I have not been able to locate a new or one in EUC. I've only been able to find the trike at toys'r'us, and it's too boy-ish for me. So, regardless of where you are at in the world, if you happen to find this ride on, 

please let me know where you found it. If I can't get it in the states, I'd be willing to pay for the item, shipping and a small handling fee for anyone who can locate this ride on and get it for me. 

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC THURSDAY!

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