Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forget Carmen San Diego... WHERE in the world is my INGLOT order!?!?

Sorry I've ben slacking on the blogging, but if it's not one thing it's another. First it was just me being crazy busy, then it was my laptop crapping out on me... but it's fixed and I'm ready to dive back into this blogging game :-)


I placed this order April 15th, and more than a month later... still NO Inglot! No email stating my choices were backordered or anything. So finally, after looking at my calendar and noticing how much time had passed, I call the company to figure out WHERE MY MAKEUP IS? And lo and behold, it turns out my order was somehow overlooked and never even pulled! Normally I would be a bit pissed, seeing as though my cc was charged but I never received my order, but the customer service woman was SO professional and apologetic. I mean Inglot truly has some great customer service because not only did she make sure my order was pulled and shipped that same day, she also upgraded my order to OVERNIGHT shipping AND refunded the initial shipping fees I paid. So by 10 Am the next day, I had a box full of Inglot (including some nice samples) on my doorstep.

So worth the wait. I got 17 shadows and a few palettes: the 10, 5, 3, and 2 pan palettes. My only complaint is that the 3 and 2 pan palettes DO NOT stack/adhere to the 10 pan palette at all. No matter how I place it, the magnet just does not attract.

Swatches will be up soon!

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