Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going, Going, Gone... Coastal Scents BRUSH CLEARANCE!!!!

I stumbled upon the most AMAZING bit of news while visiting Miss Natty's Beauty Diary... Coastal Scents is having a HUGE brush clearance to make room for their new inventory!!! What does that mean exactly? It means that YOU can get up to 50% off of their already extremely low prices for some good quality brushes.

 I personally LOVE the Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush 
(which is currently $6.98) 

and the Doe Foot Angle Blender
 (currently $1.98)

So I picked up 2 more of each, along with a bunch of other brushes I'd been eying. This is a great chance to try something new, add to your collection or pick up some backups of your favs before they are all gone. And NO, I am not in any way a paid affiliate of the company... I'm just a sale-loving, repeat customer who spent my OWN money on some great quality brushes for cheap!

If you're interested in picking some up, you can find them here.

What are YOUR favorite makeup brushes?

-Miss Brina

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