Monday, October 18, 2010


An EXTRA big thank you to Ms. Tina over at TheFancyFace for her Hidden Treasure pt.1 game.... that I won!!!!! 

I received my package from Tina in the mail a few days ago & have swatched my beautiful prizes from MAC's Venomous Villains collection: "De-Vil" eyeshadow and "Violetta" lipstick. De-Vil is a gorgeous rust color that appeared rather shimmery/metallic when swatched... can't  wait to use it! And Violetta is a down right BEAUTIFUL violet shade of lipstick that applies creamy and highly pigmented... I've never really worn a purple-ish lip before, but this is so cute that I'm certainly going to find a reason to rock the hell out of this lipstick LOL

Thanks for stopping by & Hope you enjoyed the swatches!

-Miss Brina