Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHADOWFEVER (Karen marie Moning)!!!!!!

Let me start off by saying... I LOVE THIS FREAKING SERIES!!!! My mother actually turned me on to this author a few years ago, and I have practically inhaled every book she's published ever since. After finishing Dreamfever last year, I've been (not so) patiently waiting for this book to be released, and damn near cried when it was pushed back to a january release.... but it's here!!!

Now I must confess, I pre-ordered this book... but after pre-viewing the 1st two chapters on her website, I ended up buying it on my kindle (LOL) on it's release date (1-16-11) because I was literally laying in bed wondering what came next. I finished it last night, and I have to say... well done Karen.

She came out swinging on the final(?) book. From the 1st chapter, you're getting answers and are drawn into the action that left you slack-jawed from the last installment. I'm not going to post any spoilers (even though they don't stop me from reading and enjoying a book) just in case you guys haven't read or are currently reading it. But if you have not read any of the fever series... you have no idea what you're missing... get into it! And while you're at it, check out her Highlander series as well... she has a knack for drawing you into her characters. Someone really needs to turn these books into a series/miniseries/movie ASAP!!!

And honestly, out of all the books she's written, and I own them ALL in hardback... IMO this one is absolutely the most beautifully packaged/designed. The ornate detail of the dustcover it great, as well as the double/see thru cover (clear printed dustcover reveals another cover on the hardcover) that play on each other.

That's pretty much it, just had to share my excitement for this book, and say that while there were alot of pieces I pretty much already guessed, she did a great job on this one... even though I was not really happy with the ending. BUT it did leave off with a semi-promise for potentially another installment... so yea me!!! Now, I'm going to re-read this few more times, and I suggest that if you guys like fiction/action/romance novels, head to your local bookstore, walmart, target or if you want a signed copy (like I purchased) go here and order the book.

So... read any good books lately?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review + Swatches

I know 2011 just started, but I think I've found my favorite lip products of the new year. NYX has been steadily becoming one of my favorite cosmetics brands over the last year or so, but they've really outdone themselves with their new Soft Matte Lip Creams. It currently comes in 11 different shades, and leaves a beautiful creamy, matte finish on the lips. The color is opaque, and unlike most mattes, this product is non-drying when applied with the doe tip wand. I love the packaging, it's very simple and slim (about 3.5- 4in long), so it will fit in your pocket or bag without taking up much space. The lipstick is true to color in the tube... but the swatches online are garbage!!!!!! I'd suggest you either do the research and find some real swatches of the actual product or buy them in store to avoid being disappointed because the color you ordered looks nothing like the image online. For instance, Monte Carlo looks like a deep rust color in the online swatch, yet in reality, it is a deep crimson color.... this color discrepancy is true with at least 4 other shades as well. But at $6 a piece, you can't be too upset if the colors don't match up because they are still lovely shades that compliment everyone. And they have pretty decent staying power too!!!

So far, I'd have to say Abu Dhabi (which is the perfect nude for NC44-45 ish tones), Antwerp (a gorgeous peach shade) and Sao Paulo (a vivid pink) are my absolute favorites! Now, that the formalities are done... on to the swatches!!! Enjoy!

Lip swatches in same order as they appear in the above photo.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I was checking out EmeraldC's blog when I stumbled upon this great little tidbit... until Friday January 7, 2011 ZOYA is giving away your choice of 3 nail polishes for FREE (jjust pay shipping) So you know I had to rush to the site and select my three shades, for a grand total of $6.95... which was the shipping rate.

Hurry and claim your three while you can!

1. Pick your 3 desired shades and add them to the basket
2. Enter code FB2011 at checkout
3. Select your choice of shipping and voila! Three free polishes are on there way to YOU

I'd love to see swatches of  what you picked.

Awww... the joy of free items LOL Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aromaleigh haul + swatches pt.2

Today is rather bittersweet for me… my final Aromaleigh order came in. I ordered 11 shadows (mostly mattes) from their various collections, and once again, I am kicking myself for not getting multiples of certain colors. The color intensity of every color is pretty damn good, I applied each shadow in the swatch photo WITHOUT a base, and they apply easily and blend well (even the mattes). A few of the shades show up chalky in the photo due to my cleaning the brush in between swatches, but it is not the case when you are working with them. I wouldn’t say they are creamy, but they do apply fairly smooth. I got them during their going out of business sale at about $2.50 a pop (full size), which was pretty amazing. I’m actually wishing that somehow Aromaleigh pulls a “phoenix” and comes back from the ashes (so to speak) because they had some truly amazing and unique shades that I have yet to see anywhere else… they were really killing the mineral eyeshadow game!!!

 I.   II.  

III.  IV. 

As for my favorites so far, I would have to say STARFISH, WISTERIA, UMBER, and ROOM SERVICE are really doing it for me. I wish I’d have grabbed another jar of STARFISH, UMBER and WISTERIA (and a few more colors I passed on) because I have a feeling they will be getting used A LOT, as STARFISH is such a great neutral eye color for anyone and UMBER is just that great deep, flat brown that everyone needs in their collection.

 Swatches in order of appearance on pictures:


I. Moss(m), Lagoon (m), Luella

II. Starfish (m), Mela, Room Service

III. Wisteria(m), Umber, Violette(m)

IV. Marsh(m), Severina(l)

Were you able to grab any Aromaleigh before their final curtain call? I’d love to see some of the colors you managed to pick up and hear what you think.


And here’s a belated Happy New Year for you!!!


P.S- Any resolutions for 2011?