Wednesday, March 30, 2011



After playing with my products, I finally got around to swatching my Inglot haul this afternoon. And let me say, that I do not believe that there is a single gel liner on the face of this earth that can hold a candle to those produced by INGLOT! Not only do these things swatch creamy and true to color, but they have a RIDICULOUS staying power!!! I literally had to scrub my arm after I did these swatches with a textured eye pad full of waterproof makeup remover... and still had traces of #87.

INGLOT GEL LINERS: 73, 81, 87, 90 w/flash
INGLOT GEL LINERS: 73, 81, 87, 90 w/o flash

I did not experience ANY irritation or flaking from these, even after applying on my waterline. I did however get some on my contact lens before it set on my waterline... which resulted in me having to change the lens in order to see, but no biggie.

As for the foundation, I was only able to try to AMC Cream foundation since the Mousse and powder were way too dark upon sight. I picked up MW200 and DW100, but right off the bat I could tell DW100 was NOT GOING TO WORK (Might work more for a NC50). It feels so light when you apply it, and the staying power is so so in my opinion, but it blends flawlessly. MW200 is a bit dark for my face, but it blends so seamlessly and evens my skin out so that there is not such a huge color difference between face, neck and body. I really fell in love with this foundation.


I have seen reviews on this product, stating it was full coverage, and I can't see how. It applied more light to medium for me, but is surely buildable. When I paired it with the concealers it gave a flawless finish. But the cream face concealer dries fast, so you have to blend it pretty quick or risk looking spotty. As for the undereye concealer, I feel the consistency is too watery for my liking, and it creased like CRAZY! I preferred to use the regular cream concealer under the eye, as it offered a bit more coverage AND actually made it look brighter!

The last item I was able to try out was the Inglot Slim Gel lipstick in shade #42 (far right in above photo).  I LOVE the consitency and texture of this lipstick. It reminds me of MAC's Slimshine lipsticks, only better. And I say this because it is a bit drier than the MAC lipstick, which offers a better staying power, yet still giving that creamy/moist look. And although I said it's drier than MAC's slimshine, PLEASE do not believe this to be a dry lipstick, because it is not. It simply is not as creamy/slimy as the slimshine applied, and isn't so soft you feel it might break when you apply it.  I will definitely be picking up more shades in this product.

Hope you enjoyed my 1st Inglot haul... I feel another one coming on soon!

P.S. the SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY ends at 11:59 PST tomorrow... be sure to get your entries in for a chance to win a great prize! Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Rave and Giveaway update!

They done went and messed up now! lol

I got my order from Inglot this week, and I have been in absolute makeup bliss since tearing open my box like it was my "birfday!!!!" I picked up a few foundations (two of which were obviously too dark and will be going back... along with the next item), a pressed powder, a lipstick, 2 concealers and 4 gel liners.

I have been waiting for this company for my whole life LMAO... but really, I am so smitten with the quality and range of these products. The gel liners... how should I put this, if they were a man... I'd marry them! They are sooooo creamy and soft, pigmented, easy to apply AND I have found them to have great staying power once set. My latest obsession, I will most likely pick them all up at some point.

In depth review, with pics and swatches coming soon!

Also, I've enjoyed reading your giveaway coments... keep 'em coming! Remember, you have until 11:59 PST on the 31st to enter!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Subscriber GIVEAWAY!!!

Good Afternoon everyone, just popped in to express my gratitude to to all my beautiful subscribers and everyone who reads this little ole blog of mine! I know 25 doesn't seems like alot to most people, but I truly appreciate all of you. That being said, I'm having a GIVEAWAY to say THANK YOU to all you lovely readers!!!

I figured what better way to show my appreciation than to pick a product that I actually LOVE,  so I am giving away 5 NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream colors of YOUR choosing.

To enter the giveaway is simple, you just have to be a follower of this blog, and leave a comment (with your email) telling me your favorite LIP product/color, and why it's your favorite... easy, right?
You can enter as many times as you would like from NOW- March 31st (11:59 PST), and the winner will be chosen & posted, via on April 1st.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you again!
- Miss Brina

Thursday, March 17, 2011

RAVE & REVIEW: Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream & C. Booth Apricot Oil Lotion

While we really don't get a true winter her in CA, this time of the year does terrible, terrible things to my skin! And since I've had my child, my skin just seems to laugh at most lotions and oils that I apply... it's getting to be a little embarrassing lol I mean, within 10-15 minutes of moisturizing after a shower my skin looks like it's never even heard of lotion before... very sad. But I just so happened to be browsing the aisles at my local Rite Aid and found the last C.Booth's Firming Apricot Oil Lotion on the shelf and quickly snapped it up. Why, you ask? Not because I'd heard great reviews, because I hadn't. And not because it was some sort of sale, because it wasn't. I simply love the brand, as I use the Green Apple Microderm Scrub to exfoliate, and figured since that works so well (and there was only ONE left) I might as well give it a go. And a pat on the back to me for this purchase, because it is my salvation!!! No matter when or how I apply this lotion, is sinks into my skin, leaving it smooth & supple. I can't really attest to the "firming" capabilities of this product since I don't really need it yet, but I can say the light citrus fragrance is soooooooooooo delicious! It's not greasy at all, and for around $6, I WILL be going back to stock up on bottles, since this is the only thing that has been able to combat this dry winter skin of mine.

I also was on the prowl to find a moisturizing, yet fairly natural product to use on my child's hair for styling purposes, and I was directed by a saleswoman at Planet Beauty to Moroccan Oil's Hydrating Styling Cream. Even though I was reluctant to pick up a $32 hair product for a 6 month old, I broke down and bought it... since nothing is too much for my baby ;-) And I LOVE IT!!! First, it smells AMAZING! It has such a clean hair smell to it, and it truly is moisturizing, without feeling heavy or greasy on the hair. I've even begun using it on my hair daily to style and lay down any flyaways.  This is a MUST HAVE AT ALL TIMES product as far as I am concerned. I'm still tempted to try Miss Jessies Curly Pudding (for myself), as I've heard it is great for us curly haired folks.

If anyone has tried Miss Jessies or knows of any other products for curly hair (think Alicia Keys), please leave me a comment. I'm always on the hunt for a good hair product.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul SWATCHES!!!!

I've had some time to play with most of the products that I ordered from cherryculture a week or so ago, and I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the pigmentation of the L.A. Colors palettes, especially the SAND CASTLES palette.

The Jordana lipsticks are definitely worth trying out, they offer smooth application, nice pigmentation, and are so moisturizing. They do have that cherry aroma to them, so if you're sensitive to scents you might want to stay away from these, the smell is definitely noticeable. Also, two of the shades I ordered were supposed to be matte, but that was not the case at all... I guess you can say they have a soft shine to them, but they aren't even close to being matte.

On to the swatches! Hope you enjoy!

L.A. Colors Cafe Au Lait Palette

L.A Colors Eye Candy Palette

L.A. Colors Sweet Pleasures Palette

L.A Colors Mineral Blush in Plum & Chai

L.A Colors Mineral PP in Sand

L.A Girl Pro HD concealer in Warm Sand &
L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup in Honey

Jordana Lipsticks 
 L-R: Coffee Blend (M), Haute Red (M), Cinnamon Spice, Pom-Tini, Hollywood Red, Dessert Wine
Lip Swatch: Cinnamon Spice
 Lip Swatch: Pom-Tini
Lip Swatch: Hollywood Red
 Lip Swatch: Dessert Wine
 Lip Swatch: Coffee Blend (matte-ish)
 Lip Swatch: Haute Red
 Jordana Lipsticks
 L-R: Hollywood Red, Pom-tini, Dessert Wine, Cinnamon Spice
  L-R: Hollywood Red, Pom-tini, Dessert Wine, Cinnamon Spice
 L-R: Coffee Blend, Haute Red

L.A Colors Mineral Spa Palette

L.A Colors Sand Castles Palette

Hollywood Red and Pom-tini look very similar in the photos but in person, Hollywood Red is truly bright red in color, whereas Pom-tini is a plummy-pink color.

As for the foundation, I like the texture and how it applies, but the color Honey is a bit too light for my face. I can make it work with a darker powder, but I think if these inglot foundations I ordered don't work out I'll try the next 2 shades down.
Out of the entire haul, my favorite items thus far are the Coffee Blend l/s and the PP in Sand.

Have you tried any of the products/ brands above? And FYI, Cherry Culture is currently having a 20% off sale, just use code M20 at checkout. Expires 3/17

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul!


I remember thinking as a child that lipstick was so old woman-ish. I would watch my grandmother put on her bright pink lipstick, dust on some perfumed talc (which I couldn't help but play in) and set out about her day, and think to myself while trying on her lipstick, what's the big deal? I was in utter dislike for the stuff... the waxy feel on my lips, the smell, the taste, the texture, the blinding brightness lol... no, lipstick was not for me. And that was ok, because other than these Toddlers & Tiaras children, what 6 year old needs to be wearing lipstick?

It's funny now, that in my 20's, I've developed such a LOVE and appreciation for a great tube of lipstick. Maybe it's a way for me to remember and feel closer to my grandma, or maybe it's just an age thing, but I almost feel naked with out it. Honestly, the right shade can brighten my mood and put a little more sway in my hips... It just makes me feel like such a woman LOL I've graduated from flavored Bonne Belle chapsticks and Jordana lipglosses and it's out of control! I mean I rarely can walk into a store without picking up a new shade... it's a sickness ;-)

That being said, here's my most recent haul from cherry culture! I thought the Jordana lipsticks were a nice compromise between 6 year old me and 26 year old me... full on color with glossy shine and that trademark cherry scent! Enjoy!

L.A. Colors Eye Palettes
Jordana Lipsticks in Dessert Pom-Tini, Dessert Wine, Hollywood Red,
Cinnamon Spice, Haute Red (M) & Coffee Blend (M)
L.A.Colors Mineral Blush in Chai & Plum
L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Warm Sand & Foundation in Honey
L. A Colors Mineal PP in Sand  free balm in Bubblegum

Check back for the swatch post coming soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rock & Republic Shadow & Powder Swatches


I  ordered a few shadows during the last Rock & Republic cosmetic sale, and while I love hautelook, it takes a good week & a half to get the items you order... and I am not a very patient woman either. Anyway, these were my 1st R&R shadows, and I am VERY impressed with the quality and staying power of these bad boys. They are so silky when applied and are pretty true to color, although Tribal had me fooled. I bought it expecting it to be a deep, matte, mud brown, and when I saw it... I thought NO! Not chocolate!!! I was all set and ready to pout until I swatched it and thought, now THIS is what I'm talking about... deep, matte perfection (far right).


I also picked up another pressed powder (Angora), bringing my grand total to 3, and I am still loving them. I'd say Angora is a bit dark, probably comparable to MAC's MSF Natural Dark. And these powders are also finely milled and just melt right into your skin, perfect for setting your foundation.

I've heard so many positive reviews about this brand, and I can't wait to pick up a few blushes (now that I've narrowed done my shades). Also, the packaing is SO DAMN CUTE!!! All the items come in very ornate, mirrored compacts that have just enough weight to make you feel very old hollywood glamorous when applying it. And if that wasn't already enough, each compact is then sealed in a it's own "hatbox" with the item name on stickers, which seal it shut. Rock & Republic really put some thought into their presentation and product... I LOVE it!!! Anyways, enough blabbing, picture time! Enjoy!

Shadows w/o flash

Love Rocks

Emerge, Fade (you can really see the lilac here), Love Rocks, Tempting, Tribal

Exhibitionist Pressed Powder in Angora
Powder Swatches: Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

Angora, Cashmere, Chenille

All and all, very happy with my purchases and will be going back for more. Do you own any Rock & Republic cosmetics? I'd love to hear what you have and what you think of them.