Thursday, December 20, 2012

CVS Haul: Wet N Wild

 Stoplight Red and Sugar Plum Fairy

 I went into CVS today trying to pick up a WetNWild lipstick in 24K, but they didn't carry it. I swear I've been trying to get my hands on this shade for over a year, and NONE of the stores I go into it carry it (and I REFUSE to pay those outrageous ebay prices for something I can get in the store much cheaper). But I decided to make the trip worth it and picked up STOPLIGHT RED and SUGAR PLUM FAIRY after seeing a few swatches of them online. I have to say that I like SUGAR PLUM FAIRY so much more in person. I almost didn't buy it, but pictures don't do it justice, it's pretty hard to get it's true color to translate. It's so much deeper than it photographs, just a really beautiful plum shade, great for fall. And STOPLIGHT RED is just your everyday beautiful red. They go on with a bit of a sheen but after a few minutes they set to a nice satin/matte finish.... and last ALL DAY! I only retouch my lipstick once at the end of my day, and that is simply out of habit. I hear people complain about these lipsticks being cheap, and drying and how they pull when you apply them... but I mean for $1.99 I think they out preform themselves. As long as WetNWild makes these lipsticks I'll be buying them.

WNW Mega Last lipstick

WNW Sugar Plum Fairy and WNW Stoplight Red

Lip Swatches
Stoplight Red

Sugar Plum Fairy (flash)

Sugar Plum Fairy (no flash)

WNW Bronzer: Princess

I also picked up a bronzer by WNW in the shade PRINCESS. I always look at it in the store but never can talk myself into buying it... but it was only $1 on sale so I scooped that bad boy up and I'm actually really digging this bronzer. I was concerned about the shimmer (I prefer a matte bronzer) but it's not really bad, gives your skin a nice dewy effect rather than a I rolled my face in glitter look. I'll be keeping it in rotation for awhile.

All in all, I'm absolutely happy with my impromptu $5 CVS haul! And I'm really falling in love with the brand all over again. I used to rock the lippies and mascara back in high school because they were affordable aKa cheap, but the quality and variety of the products they put out is nothing to sleep on... they're like my go to DUPE brand lol

How do you guys feel about Wet N Wild products?

-Miss Brina