Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Backyardigans!!! I need your help...

I LOVE the backyardigans. I love the storylines, the music... but more than anything, I love to watch my daughter watch the show. Her head whips around, and her face lights up as soon as she hears that theme song LOL 

It's hard to believe she'll be one next month, time just flew by!

My reason for this post is to ask you all to be on the lookout for a BACKYARDIGANS MUSICAL RIDE ON toy. I've searched online and in stores here in Cali for months and have not been able to find a thing. I'm DYING to get her a ride on now that she's on the go more, and I would prefer it to be from her favorite show. I've only found one, which was being sold in Canada on openlist, but I have not been able to locate a new or one in EUC. I've only been able to find the trike at toys'r'us, and it's too boy-ish for me. So, regardless of where you are at in the world, if you happen to find this ride on, 

please let me know where you found it. If I can't get it in the states, I'd be willing to pay for the item, shipping and a small handling fee for anyone who can locate this ride on and get it for me. 

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC THURSDAY!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

RAVE: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

I love all things red velvet. Always have, always will. So when I came across this lip scrub, whether it worked or not, I had to have it. Fortunately, it works... and well!

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ is pretty much a sugar based scrub for your lips infused with hydrating elements to give you kissably smooth and moisturized lips. This is by far the best lip exfoliator that I have used, and it smells so AMAZING!!! I can't say it smells just like red velvet, but it is pretty close... and the taste is great. All you do is apply a bit to your fingertip and rub in a circular motion across your lips, then wipe off.... easy, right? And even though the granules are very noticeable, you're not left feeling like you've scratched your lips off.

I do have to mention that the red velvet lip scrub was a limited edition flavor, but the line has many others available, such as: pink grapefruit (my next one!), peppermint, almond creme, cocoa, creme brulee, vanilla bean, brown sugar, and cinnamon. And for about $24 for an ounce of product (which should last awhile), I say it's worth it for the feeling you get after using it. Sara Happ also has an accompanying balm called The Lip Slip which I am DYING to try!!!! I mean, it has to be absolutely GREAT given how well the Lip Scrub preforms. And HOW CUTE is the little box it comes in!?!?!?!

Have you tried any of the Sara Happ Lip Scrub products? Where you as impressed as I am?

Enjoy the pics!

And be sure to wish all the deserving men in your life a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

-Miss Brina

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forget Carmen San Diego... WHERE in the world is my INGLOT order!?!?

Sorry I've ben slacking on the blogging, but if it's not one thing it's another. First it was just me being crazy busy, then it was my laptop crapping out on me... but it's fixed and I'm ready to dive back into this blogging game :-)


I placed this order April 15th, and more than a month later... still NO Inglot! No email stating my choices were backordered or anything. So finally, after looking at my calendar and noticing how much time had passed, I call the company to figure out WHERE MY MAKEUP IS? And lo and behold, it turns out my order was somehow overlooked and never even pulled! Normally I would be a bit pissed, seeing as though my cc was charged but I never received my order, but the customer service woman was SO professional and apologetic. I mean Inglot truly has some great customer service because not only did she make sure my order was pulled and shipped that same day, she also upgraded my order to OVERNIGHT shipping AND refunded the initial shipping fees I paid. So by 10 Am the next day, I had a box full of Inglot (including some nice samples) on my doorstep.

So worth the wait. I got 17 shadows and a few palettes: the 10, 5, 3, and 2 pan palettes. My only complaint is that the 3 and 2 pan palettes DO NOT stack/adhere to the 10 pan palette at all. No matter how I place it, the magnet just does not attract.

Swatches will be up soon!